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Scroll down and see why you should book Robert as a speaker, consultant, or coach! He's an innovator and entrepreneur who is delirious about reality... and according to BBC News, "Galinsky teaches you how to open the portfolio of yourself!"

COFFEE The Musical - a kickstarter crowd funding success

Robert recently crowd sourced $50,000 to develop "COFFEE The Musical" for what he hopes is a journey to Broadway. Scenes and songs from the show are being featured in cafes, markets, conferences, and corporate events. Book your "COFFEE" buzz here!

Are You In Kuhoots?

Kuhoots was founded by Galinsky and quickly acquired by C-Suite Holdings, a leader in marketing and advertising. Kuhoots creates dynamic social media interactions that increase the audience of its members, grows their business, and raises brand awareness.

Chelsea Clinton and Galinsky at TEDx Teen

Galinsky is the coach for all speakers at TEDx Teen and served as Co-Host to Chelsea Clinton in 2013. Chelsea is an advocate for a more healthy, equitable, and safe world.

Robert Galinsky and Athena Reich Volunteering with kids

Robert volunteers in LOLLIPOP’s "Rhythm of Hope" program for pediatric patients, to create a fun momentary musical escape for children who are literally battling for their lives.

Get Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

The Global Teen Leaders at The Just Peace Summit interact with Galinsky's profound silliness, while continuing the joy of changing the world!

Galinsky Facilitating an "Energizer"

At TEDxTeen the crowd is on its feet, uplifted and connected to one another, by one of Robert's signature training pieces - The Energizer.

In The Media

Media Bistro FishbowlNY - Author Brews Frothy Mix of Coffee Celebrity and Twitter
"It’s a book about our national drink with 140 passages, 140 characters or less, and includes 100 passages I’ve authored and 40 passages that I’ve curated exclusively for the book..." Read more »
The Wall Street Journal - The Race to Be Second at TED Event
"You're in a conversation today," shouted Mr. Galinsky, who wore red sunglasses on stage inside the Scholastic building in SoHo. "This is a two-way -- no, hundreds-of-thousands of way -- conversation." Read more »
Time Magazine for Kids - TEDx TEEN event focuses on young people making a difference
Before introducing Chelsea Clinton, actor and Director Robert Galinsky took the stage to address the audience. Instead of telling the crowd to turn off their phones he told them to take them out and use them to tweet. Read more »
Crain's New York - Gotham Gigs: Reality Check
Students learn to communicate what makes each of them a compelling character. Mr. Galinsky teaches the same skill to executives at Grey Advertising, Nielsen and Virgin Mobile, among others. Read more »
The New Yorker - Coming Soon: COFFEE The Musical
In the early eighties, when “Starbucks” was an obscure term referring to Captain Ahab’s first mate in the plural, the National Coffee Association produced a series of television commercials about being a “Coffee Achiever.” Robert Galinsky...seems to have swallowed the message whole. Read more »

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